Thursday, July 01, 2004

Peru 1 - Argentina 2: The Associated Press reports on yesterday's friendly match at New Jersey's Giant Stadium where Peru lost to Argentina. Kily Gonzalez gave Argentina the lead in the 25th minute. The indomitable Nolberto Solano converted his penalty shot in minute 36. Argentina scored their second goal by Javier Saviola, "with a header in the 72nd minute." NOTE: "A slightly larger number of Argentine blue shirts could be seen in the crowd of 41,013." ALSO: "Argentina had more of the possession and better chances, but neither side dominated." The Associated Press and Reuters have photographs of Miguel Rebosio, Saviola's last minute goal, the collision between Javier Zanetti and Santiago Acasiete, and other shots of C-H-A-O-S. SEPARATELY: An Australian News agency says that "Argentina has been installed as favourite for this month's Copa America in Peru - by Brazilian national team coach Carlos Alberto Parreira."

LAN Peru Grounded? Reuters reports that Arequipa Judge Eloy Zamalloa Campero "has ordered flights of LanPeru to be grounded, saying it had violated several civil aviation norms including operating with irregular permits." NOTE: "The ruling responded to a legal suit brought by small Peruvian airline Aviandina." LanPeru CEO Vlamir Domic said his airline would not stop flying declaring that "only the civil aviation authority could revoke its permit, not a judge." The report stated that there was no comment from the General Direction of Civil Aviation. LanPeru is the official airline of the July 6-25 Copa America. CITED: Aviandina CEO Ricardo Hernandez. NOTE: "Though it has at times operated code-sharing agreements with Aviandina, an Aero Continente spokesman said it has no stake in the airline." However, this site says Aviandina is a "Subsidiary of AeroContinente" and this site says Aviandina is "Empresa 100% peruana, propiedad del Grupo Aerocontinente." IN SPANISH: See El Comercio's counterpart story.

June Econ Numbers: Bloomberg and Reuters report on June's consumer price index which "rose 0.56%, pushed up by higher food, beverage, fuel and rent prices," according to INEI. NOTE: "The June figure followed a 0.35% rise in the CPI in May and a 0.47% decline in June 2003." The article also offers a sector-by-sector breakdown of the consumer price index for June and for the first six months of 2004. IN SPANISH: See INEI's Informe de Precios.

Shell To Sell Some Peruvian Assets: Agence France Press, the Associated Press, Bloomberg and Reuters reports that Royal Dutch/Shell plans to sell assets in Peru and "will write down the value of some exploration assets." NOTE: "The world's third-biggest oil company said it planned to sell its Peruvian retail, commercial and marine business later this year." ALSO: "Shell has been struggling to revamp its image, damaged by the news in January that it had overbooked its oil and gas reserves by more than 20 percent." DETAILS: See the Shell press release which notes that though they will be selling their service station network, they will retain their "lubricants business in Peru, where plans include generating growth through the integration of the acquired Pennzoil-Quaker State business."

COPA Protests: Reuters offers several photographs of "unemployed workers, wearing Copa America soccer tournament t-shirts, yell[ing] slogans against the Peruvian government" during a CGTP march near Congress. The Associated Press also offers photographs of the protests today including this one which suggests that Copa America tournament organizers "have criticized the communist-led unions of trying to ruin the South American tournament and scare away tourists."

Malecon Ecoturistico in Puno: The Associated Press reports from Puno on a new city project which "aims to solve a pollution problem plaguing Peru's main port on Lake Titicaca." NOTE: According to city projects adviser Victor Catacora, Puno's new Malecon Ecoturistico is a "930-foot-long (850-meter-long) causeway of flagstone, marble, and cement [which] will force the city to clean up the 50 acres (20 hectares) of Puno Bay it encloses." It is designed by students at Puno's University of the Altiplano. CITED: Puno Mayor Mariano Portugal Catacora, Juan Mamani (workman), Rosana Verolati (city water works director), Jaime Mezarines (university student), and Marco Revollar(Bi-National Lake Titicaca Project) who says the lagoon cleanup is "a superficial fix."

Asparagus Wars, cont.: The Seattle Times posts yesterday's on-line dialogue with reporter Alwyn Scott on their series on globalization with a strong focus on Peru's asparagus industry. Among the questions asked: "Is Peru banking too heavily on asparagus and other agriculture products?" "Is it possible to measure the cultural costs in Peru? How are communities handling the shift to factory work?" The last answer offered has Jose Chlimper's suggestions for saving the Washington State asparagus industry. SEE ALSO: Asparagus War's in yesterday's Peruvia.

Textile Workers Protest: Just Style reports that "textile workers staged a demonstration yesterday in front of the Congress in Lima to call on the government to keep high tariffs on cheap Chinese garment imports." But the Minister of Foreign Relations, Manuel Rodriguez, declared that "Peru will not renew temporary safeguard tariffs imposed on imported Chinese clothing last December." Reuters offers a photograph of the protestors and notes that "Peru hiked tariffs on 106 types of Chinese-made clothes last December to protect a textile industry from a flood of low-priced goods from the Communist nation that textile workers said had cost 40,000 jobs between June 2001 and June 2003."

Macro/Micro Econ:
-: Dow Jones reports that “the new version of a law that imposes royalties on mining projects in Peru may keep the Las Bambas copper project alive, due to be auctioned July 23,” according to Jose Miguel Morales (National Society for Mining, Energy and Petroleum). NOTE: “Congress' Energy and Mines Commission passed a revamped version of the law Wednesday that stipulates that mining projects will not be obligated to pay a double royalty,” and is now being debated by the full Congress.
- Hunton & Williams announced in a press release "the closing of a US$34 million purchase of subordinated certificates by the Netherlands Development Finance Company and Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft,” with assistance from Banco de Credito del Peru. “The cash flows securitized in the transaction are future remittances of cash that are made through the international SWIFT electronic money transfer system to non-bank beneficiaries in Peru.”

Nazca Is A Model: Xinhua Net reports on the ongoing 28th session of World Heritage Committee in Suzhou and reports that the committee "urges the world to find balance between tourism and preservation of heritage sites such as the Nazca lines did." While it does not mention Machu Picchu, it does quote UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura saying, "Excessive tourism will bring disaster to heritage sites. It's crucial to establish balance between tourism and preservation." SEE ALSO: 'Too Many Tourists in MPicchu' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Ancient Torture: National Geographic's July issue has an article titled, Peruvian Temple of Doom on the Moche civilization's Huaca Cao Viejo, found north of Trujillo, and "one of history's most gruesome sacrificial rites." The article describes how scholars understand Moche ceremonies by studying their artwork, "like the frieze of naked prisoners discovered on Huaca Cao Viejo's plaza wall. Bones of sacrifice victims—incorporated into the frieze and buried under the plaza floor—show evidence of extreme torture before the grisly executions." Only an abbreviated version of the article is online but there are several photographs posted. SEE ALSO: Huaca Cao Viejo information can be seen at this IBM-funded research site and this research site affiliated with Northern Arizona University. In addition, see someone's personal photos of the site here.

MPicchu in Houston: The Houston Chronicle reviews on the new exhibit, Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystory of the Incas at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and says that "Ninety-seven years after the discovery of Machu Picchu in the Andes, the site continues to reveal its centuries-old secrets." The museum also offers an online tour of the exhibit, which is part of the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. CITED: Curator of Anthropology Dirk Van Tuerenhout.

Bus Tragedy: Xinhua Net reports that "at least six people were killed and 17 wounded when a minibus fell into a chasm" near Ilimo, Lambayeque. The Reason: "The brakes failed."

SMulanovich in California: The Los Angeles Times reports on the upcoming 2004 Bank of the West Beach Games on July 26 which will include Sofia Mulanovich.

Miami Restaurant Review: The Miami Herald reviews La Flor de la Canela (previously El Chalan) a "pretty Peruvian restaurant in Miami with a "whopping 21 traditional Peruvian dishes, all less than $12 except for two." Included: Huancaina sauces, ocopa, and parihuela de pescado. ALSO: The owners of the restaurant have led the local 'Instituto de Cultura Peruana.'

EXTRA: Pennsylvania State University has just begun a summer course called, '"From Desert to Rainforest: A Field Study in the Biodiversity of Peru' with a full itinerary.

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