Saturday, July 10, 2004

Peruvians Abusing Peruvians: New York's Newsday continues with their investigation on the 69 Peruvians who were caught up in a human smuggling ring in Long Island. While 59 of the victims "have been granted the right to live in the United States while they apply for permanent residency," ten others are in different stages of immigration procedures. Three of the individuals have already decided to return to Peru. CITED: Judge Steven Abrams; and immigrant lawyer, Daniel Green, who said "his clients feared they could be targeted by cells of the ring in Peru if deported." ALSO NAMED: Detainees Antonio Valle, Pablo Rios, Henry Ramirez, Dave Vega. "Vega did not seek asylum and volunteered to be removed to Peru, where his wife awaits his return." SEE ALSO: 'Peruvians Abusing Peruvians' in July 6's Peruvia below.

AContinente Still Flying: The Associated Press reports that AeroContinente "received a temporary government-sponsored insurance policy Saturday, permitting it to continue flying" ... "after the world's largest airline insurer, Global Aerospace, pulled its contract with Aero Continente ... on June 1." NOTE: According to "an emergency presidential decree, the Finance Ministry would act as a financial guarantor for Aero Continente for 'a period not to exceed 30 days'." ALSO: Gabriel Mohana, a lawyer with the Asociación Peruana de Empresas Aéreas, said the government took the unusual step "to avoid a disruption of tourism" during the Copa America. SEE ALSO: 'FZevallos Not Flying' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Indigenous Leaders at Int'l Conference: California's Redding Record (registration: peruvia@peruvia.com/peruvia) reports on the 30th annual conference of the International Indian Treaty Council. Among the participants: Mino Eusebio Castro, an Asháninka leader; and Javier Zavala and Eda Zavala López of Tarapoto. SEE ALSO: The Conference agenda; and a 1995 interview with Castro.

Reagan Arrives in Peru: The USA's Navy Newstand reports on the arrival of nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to Callao for a four-day visit. Said Commanding Officer Capt. James A. Symonds, “The opportunity for us to interact with Peru professionally is a pleasure; however, the chance to explore the culture is something we can’t miss.” SEPARATELY, the USA's Navy Newstand reports on the naval exercises with the Peruvian Navy. According to William Hoker, commodore, Destroyer Squadron 7, "This is a United States and Peruvian exercise created solely for the U.S. Navy to provide us with extensive diesel ASW practice ... The Peruvian Navy was chosen for the exercise based on their expert use of diesel subs and their reputation as the best submariners in South America." ALSO: "The Peruvian navy provided more submarines, training, personnel and equipment for the exercise than was originally expected."

Professor Honoured: Canada's London Free Press (registration: peruvia/peruvia) reports that Dr. Bertha Garcia, a Peruvian expatriate and professor at the University of Western Ontario, has won a 3M Teaching Fellowship, Canada's most prestigious award for university teaching. Dr. Garcia is the chairperson and professor at UWO's Schulich School of Medicine, as well as chief of pathology at London Health Sciences Centre. SEE ALSO: A 2001 profile of Garcia in Medical Post; and a summary of her work in Abancay in 1999.

EPrado To Race: The Richmond Times-Dispatch previews Peruvian jockey Edgar Prado's run at todays $500,000 Virginia Derby at Colonial Downs riding Kitten's Joy.


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Too Much Drinking? Reuters and Soccerway report on the Peruvian tem's response to charges in the headlines of the 'Aja' tabloid "claiming a pre-match drinking binge was behind [Peru's] disappointing opening performance" in the tie with Bolivia. NOTE: Peru coach Paulo Autuori cancelled a news conference and journalists were barred from watching training or talking to players as they prepared to face Venezuela."

Peru 3, Venezuela 1: The Associated Press and Reuters offer game summaries of the match including the red card that Peru captain Claudio Pizarrro received. Afterward, Agence France Press and Reuters detailed the concussion Pizarro received during the match which put hims "out of the Copa America."

Wrap Up: The Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and the Washington Post use wire summaries for Copa games.

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