Monday, July 05, 2004

State of Emergency in the Air: The Associated Press, Reuters, and Xinhua Net report that the Toledo government "declared a 90-day state of emergency in its air transport sector to keep planes flying during this month's Copa America soccer competition and overcome a judicial ruling that grounds the tournament's official airline, LanPeru." Reuters also mentions that "hundreds of airport workers, who are against plans to bring in private operators to run the country's airports, threaten to join a planned general strike on July 14 if the government does not agree to talks." The Associated Press reports on the "a civil aviation emergency as the two leading carriers face legal woes that could present problems for domestic flights." While Reuters says that "a state of emergency allows airlines to hire planes from foreign companies more easily," the AP's reporting makes it clearer: "The decree gives a handful of smaller carriers the authority to lease foreign planes in the case that one or both of the leading carriers shut down during the tournament." The Miami Herald (second item) runs an AP summary of the account. However, in its summary, the Herald publishes mistaken information saying that Aviandina "faces its own problems after it was placed on a U.S. blacklist for companies suspected of engaging in drug trafficking." It is parent company AeroContinente which is on the blacklist.

Toledo In Spain: The Reuters offers photographs of President Toledo's trip to Spain including images of Toledo with King Juan Carlos and Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, a couple of photographs of Toledo and the King, and Toledo, the King, and their spouses, Eliane Karp and the Queen, among other photographs.

Tax Revenue is Up: Dow Jones reports that “Peru's overall tax revenues, excluding certain contributions, reached 1.972 billion soles ($1=PEN3.4685) in June, a 15% increase in real terms over the same period a year earlier,” according to SUNAT. NOTE: “Tax collections have now grown for 23 consecutive months.” ALSO: “Customs revenues were PEN969 million in June, a 17.8% increase in real terms compared to the same month a year ago. In the first six months of the year, collections of customs revenues were 7.5% higher than the same period a year before.” IN SPANISH: SUNAT recently re-posted for COPA travellers the guidelines for what to declare when you travel into Peru.

Peace & Hope Calls for Dialogue in Ayacucho: ALC Noticias (third item) reports that the Peace and Hope Association called for dialogue in the aftermath of the violence in Ayacucho. In a public declaration they stated: "All social demands are fair when the objectives they seek are related to a collective interest and are backed by a population that is informed about the nature and purpose of those demands." ALSO: "We reject the disproportionate use of public force, on the part of State agents as well as the extreme violence of certain sectors of demonstrators who have not measured the consequences of their actions and are causing grave damage to citizens and their basic rights." ALC is also the first English media to identify the faction of the Sutep teacher's union that called for the strike: Pukallacta. ALSO: "While Sutep leaders held meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Education, representatives from Pukallacta were not recognized." CITED: Jose Nalvarte (SUTEP), Robert Huaynalaya (Pukallacta) and Prime Minister Carlos Ferrero. SEE ALSO: 'Anarchy in Ayacucho' in July 3's Peruvia.

Archbishop of Cuzco Receives Pallium: The Catholic News Agency reports that Archbishop of Cuzco Juan Antonio Ugarte Pérez, among others, received the pallium from the Pope last week. The pallium "is a Y-shaped loose collar worn over the chasuble at Mass on special occasions in the archbishop’s own diocese. It is the symbol of the jurisdiction that only the Pope can give an archbishop."

Peruvians Entering the USA, etc.: The Associated Press follows up on yesterday's Courier on US Senator Charles Grassley's "concern about reports that U.S. embassy officials [in Lima] are questioning the motives of students abroad applying for visas to study in Iowa."

Too Many Tourists in MPicchu: Scotland's Evening News catches up with the UNESCO declaration on Machu Picchu's tourist problem. "It is a sad irony that the biggest threat to the wonders of the world is often the very people whom they inspire the most." ALSO: "And the notion that we risk losing sites such as Machu Picchu for good if tourism is allowed to continue unchecked is a global concern." SEE ALSO: ‘Too Many Tourists in MPicchu’ in June 30’s Peruvia.

Protestant Conference on the Media: ALC Noticias (fourth item) reported on COICOM Peru, a conference held in Lima on the challenges confronting Christian journalists and communicators and included the participation of Congressmen Henry Pease and Walter Alejos. CITED: Pedro Ferreira (Pacific Communications Group), Rafael Goto and Rodolfo Lesn (National Advertisers Association).

Copa América News

- General Survey: Australia's SBS football site has the most comprehensive news about the Copa including analysis of Group A (Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela), Group B (Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico), and Group C (Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Costa Rica). Sports Illustrated/CNN is still focused on Europe. Sky Sports also offers a good overview as does Reuters. The Scotsman provides an apt introduction and notes that Brasil will be without it's three 'R's: Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, and Ronaldinho. The inaugural match is between Venezuela and Colombia, Tuesday at 6:15 p.m local time.

- Copa and Politics: The Financial Times reports that Copa America "ought to be an occasion for Peru's President Alejandro Toledo to show case" his economic successes but other events keep getting in the way including the airline industries uncertainty and the continued negotiations with the mining industry.

- Peru: The Associated Press leads with this: "A middle-of-the-road South American team, Peru occasionally shine." ALSO: "Erratic form in World Cup qualifying this year has tempered expectations." The Associated Press offers a photograph of Martin Hidalgo and Andres Mendoza practicing yesterday as well as Roberto Palacios, Flavio Maestri and Nolberto Solano, Claudio Pizarro and a fan, among several other photos of the team playing with children.
Reuters also shows a logo of the advertising campaign.

- Argentina: Italy's Inter club reports that "Javier Zanetti, Cristian Kily Gonzalez and the Argentina squad have arrived at their Peruvian retreat in Chiclayo. Over five hundred fans turned up to watch Zanetti and Co play a training match which finished 0-0." Argentina v. Ecuador on Wednesday. The Associated Press says that Coach Bielsa’s head is on the "chopping block" if they don't do well.

- Bolivia: The Associated Press, in a rather desultory piece, reports, that "for more than 90 years, the Copa America has mainly brought frustration to Bolivia, except when playing at home. This year, the South America soccer championship first played in 1910 will be held in Peru, and Bolivia again expects an uphill battle and not much satisfaction." Reuters offers a photograph of a Bolivian fan as a real live chasqui as well as one of a team member.

- Brazil: The Daily Record says that Brazil is sending in "a squad of guinea pigs into the 'laboratory'." But despite "a squad heavy with second-stringers and new faces, Brazil still expect to win the Copa America which begins on Tuesday in Peru." NOTE: Yesterday's story on the Brazil ban on coca tea is repeated in the Associated Press in the Times of India: 'New dope on drinking coca tea.' ALSO: The Associated Press says Coach Carlos Alberto Parreira is not losing sleep over the absence of Brazil's top players. Another Associated Press article reports on some of the unknown faces on the Brazilian squad. Arequipenos were mesmerized by the Brazilians practice.

- Chile: The Associated Press reports that "Coach Juvenal Olmos believes the time has come for Chile to win the Copa America for the first time."

- Colombia: The Associated Press says that Coach Lavolpe is Lavolpe is counting on Rafael Marquez "to fill an offensive void created by the absence of Cuauhtemoc Blanco. The cocky striker was suspended from all South American tournaments for one year after fighting during a Copa Libertadores match in May." The Associated Press has photographs of Team Colombia at the Sporting Cristal Stadium in Lima. Reuters also offers several photographs.

- Ecuador: The Reuters offers photographs of Team Ecuador in Chiclayo.

- Mexico: Reuters reports that Mexico coach Ricardo Lavolpe is blaming the Chiclayo winds "as his biggest headache." Said the coach (and former goalie), "Any kick from the middle of the field could end up in the penalty area." The Associated Press says that Team Mexico is loaded with veteran players. Reuters offers some photographs of Team Mexico in Chiclayo.

- Paraguay: The Associated Press reports that "a young, brash Paraguay heads to the Copa America looking to grab the South American championship but also looking ahead to Athens." Reuters offers photographs of a team member arriving in Arequipa where they will play at San Agustin Staduim.

- Uruguay: The Associated Press offers an overview of the Uruguay's prospects, a team which needs "a quick transformation in Peru to help the team avoid tumbling out of contention." The Associated Press also profiles Diego Forlan on team t"hat will be short on experience" and where he "will be expected to assume a leadership role." Forlan "has struggled to win playing time during his two years at Manchester United."

- Venezuela: The Telegraph reports "no one in the Venezuela squad was born the last time they won a match in the Copa America - 1967. But with improved displays over the last year, Venezuela are confident of shedding their reputation as South America's football doormat and finally commanding some respect in the continent's premier championship." The Associated Press profiles midfielder Juan Arango who "is still surprised by his sudden rise to stardom in this baseball-crazy country where soccer usually takes a backseat." Reuters offers a photograph of a team member.

- More EURO Attention: The BBC reports that now with Greece as the new European champion, attention can be drawn to Copa America. It suggests that "Brazil is experimenting with a reserve squad" and that Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa "has everything to lose" and arrived in Peru with "as close to full strength as possible."

- USA Television: Florida's Sun-Sentinel's television columnist reports on Univisión and TeleFutura "shuffling their schedules and pre-empting shows to air the oldest and most important Latin American soccer tournament, which will be played in Peru throughout July." History: "Copa América is the oldest surviving international soccer tournament outside the Olympic Games. Two unofficial tournaments were staged in 1910 and 1916, with the first official one held in 1917." ALSO: "This edition of the Copa América is expected to be the most watched in the history of the cup."

- Global Betting: Read-A-Bet has updated their analysis and has even odds on Argentina and Brazil winning the tournament with Peru having 11/2 odds.

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