Sunday, July 18, 2004

UPDATED: Peruvian/Argentine Lose Together, More Flights/Asparagus, and Badminton 
Toledo Responds to 3 Charges: Reuters reports that President Toledo spoke to the nation in a television address preceding the Peru v. Argentina match and "rejected accusations that he and his government are corrupt and called on the judiciary to investigate any suspicion of dishonesty in office." Responding to three charges, the President stated, "I want to make it clear that as president I have not intervened in the financial operations [of the sale of Union de Cervecerias Backus & Johnston]; I categorically deny any fraud on the part of my party regarding the electoral law."  And he said that Eliane Karp would "open up her personal bank accounts to the public in the next few days in a gesture of transparency."

More Flights Arrive: Reuters reports that "airlines in Peru said on Sunday they would increase their domestic flights to aid thousands of passengers stranded after the government grounded" AeroContinente. NOTE:  "Conscious of the emergency situation in the airline industry in Peru: Aerocondor, Atsa, LanPeru, LC Busre, Magenta, Star Up, Taca Peru and Tans have united ... so that those who would use the suspended airline can reach their destinations," according to the companies in a joint press release. ALSO: Lan Peru and Taca Peru said "passengers with valid Aero Continente tickets bought before the July 12 suspension could fly with the two airlines with no extra charge, depending on availability of seats."

Peru 0, Argentina 1: The Associated Press, the BBC, Reuters, Skysports, and Xinhua Net report on yesterday's Peru/Argentina match and Reuters has the better story.  Peru was "dumped out of the tournament at the quarter-final stage on Saturday when Argentina beat them 1-0 with a brilliant Carlos Tevez free kick ... and silence[d] a partisan 25,000 crowd in Chiclayo." NOTE: "Paraguayan referee Carlos Amarilla, who always likes to let the game flow, overlooked a number of tackles which would have been judged fouls by most other referees. " ALSO: "Peru coach Paulo Autuori again skipped the media conference despite the possibility of adding to the $2,000 fine he has already received for doing the same after earlier games." Somehow, the AP's Vicente Panetta calls team spokesman Victor Zegarra, "the Peru coach."  The Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, the Washington Post all use wire copy to review yesterday's Copa games including the ignomious match.  Reuters offers the other scores and the tournament's leading scorers.   AP and Reuters offer plenty of P-H-O-T-O-G-R-A-P-H-S of the defeat including S-E-V-E-R-A-L photos of fans (including some frustrated ones), and one of Argentine Tevez in a Peruvian jersey. The AP offers two of the the worst photos of the entire Copa.
AGonzales - 'Difficult Man': The Guardian needles Alfredo Gonzales, "known as Fat Gonzales", president of the Universitario club. "Until six weeks ago the state-of-the-art, 80,000-capacity  [the club's Monumental Stadium] was due to stage Peru's Copa fixtures as well as at least one of this week's semi-finals and next weekend's final." After losing to Cienciano in Cuzco earlier this year in a game where several of his players were red-carded, "Gonzales refused to let Peru use his stadium unless the Cusco referee was punished and the bans reduced." His threats were unheeded.  ALSO: References to the tragic 1964 Peru/Argentina match where "300 fans were killed in riots caused by an unpopular decision."  SEE ALSO: 'La U for Sale?' in June 22's Peruvia.

Peru & Argentina Lose Together: The Associated Press   notes that Luis Horna and Jose Acasuso (Argentina) lost in the finals of the ATP Priority Telecom in the Netherlands.

Morning After Pill Makes Waves, cont.: Latinamerica Press reports on Postinor 2 (lovonorgestrel 0.75 mg), known as the "day after pill,"  where "health authorities in Peru included it among the birth control methods provided at no cost in state health centers.  NOTE: "Statistics from Center of the Peruvian Woman Flora Tristan show that, due to the difficulties of access to contraceptive methods, 56 percent of the pregnancies produced in Peru every year are unwanted and, of them, 53 percent — some 400,000 — end in clandestine abortion."
War of the Pacific, cont.: The New York Times (registration: peruvia/peruvia) publishes a 'Week in Review' piece ostensibly on Bolivia and today's referendum where one of the five questions before voters is: "Do you agree with Presdient Carlos Mesa's policy of using gas as a strategic resource to recover sovereign and viable access to the sea?" (See question #4 in the ballot by the Corte Nacional Electoral de Bolivia.)  The Associated Press, New York Newsday, and Reuters offer their own takes on the plebiscite and Reuters concludes by saying, "The referendum also reflects how Indians across the Andean region, including neighboring Peru, are rebelling against a state they see as run by 'white,' corrupt elites. Many villagers in Bolivia have thrown out police and reverted to age-old Indian communal laws."  The Washington Times declares in its editorial this morning the referendum in Bolivia today could have a profound impact not only on the future of that country, but on the energy self-sufficiency of the Western Hemisphere." It also cites the War of the Pacific.
Montesinos Millions: The Miami Herald's Andres Oppenheimer follows up on the revelation that Washington DC-based Riggs Bank helped former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet hide away $8 million. (See these recent stories in the Washington Post.)  Oppenheimer reminds his readers of the "2001 Peruvian and U.S. investigations showing that former Peruvian intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos and his associates had up to $38 million in Miami's Pacific Credit Corp. and several other financial institutions."
Asparagus Wars, cont.: The Detroit News runs the same Associated Press report that ran in yesterday's Detroit Free Press: 'Peruvian exports concern Michigan asparagus farmers.' Farmer Dick Walsworth gets a different photograph in each story.
Badminton Championship in Lima: The Jamaica Observer reports on the XIV Pan American Junior Badminton Championships, which will be held at the Club de Regatas Lima from July 19-25.   NOTE:  Team competition on July 19 & 20; Individual competition from 21st to 24th. ALSO: See the championship's entry form.

Wedding in Chalton: The UK's Inquirer notes that the Rt. Rev. H. William Godfrey, the Episcopalian Bishop of Peru, presided over a wedding in Bedfordshire yesterday.

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