Thursday, August 26, 2004

Tourism is #2: MercoPress reports that President Toledo, speaking at Lima's National Museum to launch the National Tourism Strategic Plan, announced that tourism "has become Peru's second-largest source of revenue after mining bringing in some $832 million," more significant than fishing and textile industries. NOTE: The president's strategic plan "provides a roadmap for attracting between five and ten million tourists a year by 2015."

Peru and Central America: CompliNet reports that the chancellors of Peru and El Salvador "have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in the detection and prevention of money laundering. The mutual agreement to fight corruption springs from a commitment to democracy," the Minister of Foreign Relations Manuel Rodriguez Cuadros told the press in San Salvador. "Both countries hope that the accord will strengthen 'democratic ties', anti-corruption efforts and cultural exchange between the two nations." Xinhua News reports that Minister Rodriguez Cuadros said that the Andean Community (Ancom) is interested in signing a free trade agreement (FTA) with Central American countries," according to reports from Guatemala City. NOTE: "Rodriguez paid a one-day visit to Guatemala on Wednesday, as part of the second and final stopover of his Central American tour that started Monday in El Salvador."

Calling for Justice: Amnesty International announced in a press release and a new report on the one year anniversary of the publication of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report and calls on the Peruvian government "to show the necessary political will to put an end to impunity for human rights violations committed during the 20 years of internal conflict." The report "urges the Peruvian government to establish a National Human Rights Plan comprising concrete measures to ensure truth, justice and reparation and to eliminate impunity and discrimination in the country." CITED: Amnesty International Peru Researcher Nuria García.

Challenges in Paracas: Inter Press Service reports on "the construction of the first natural gas fractioning and liquefaction plant in Peru," next to the Paracas Marine Reserve "which holds rich biodiversity, including 160 fish species, 216 bird species and 25 types of dolphins and whales." ALSO: According to Minister of Energy and Mining Jaime Quijandría, "the site was chosen for its technical advantages and, he says, the threat is minimal thanks to cutting-edge design and the construction of a shipping platform 3.2 km from the beach." But former Minister Carlos Herrera says that originally, "the plant was slated to be built in Pampas de Clarita, 70 km from Paracas, ''sufficiently far away from the reserve'." NOTE: "PlusPetrol, the company in charge of exporting the natural gas, says it has set up an environmental monitoring system that includes 160 points of control in the bay's waters and coastline." ALSO CITED: María Elena Foronda (National Society for the Environment), Sandro Chávez (Peruvian Association of Biologists), Carlos Chirinos (Peruvian Society for Environmental Law), Patricia Majluf (Spondylus) and epidemiologist Josefa Antigoni.

Southern News: Dow Jones reports that Southern Peru Copper Corp. has "sent a letter to workers, ensuring them that any possible fusion with Minera Mexico SA won't negatively affect their benefits. Separately, the company also said it has put a number of expansion projects on hold, following the Peruvian government's plan to place royalties on mining company sales," according to a letter from Chief Executive Oscar Gonzalez Rocha to the securities regulatory agency Conasev.

LHorna Loses: The Associated Press reports that Luis Horna and Fernando Verdasco (Spain) were defeated by Frantisek Cermak and Leos Friedl (Czech Republic) 6-2, 6-2 in the first round of doubles of the TD Waterhouse Cup on Long Island. Horna is in the second round of the singles.

JPena To Racing Santander?: Sporting Life reports that "Peruvian central defender Juan Pena on Wednesday agreed to be made available on a free transfer from Valladolid, with Racing Santander the favourites to secure his signature."

SBuchuck at Workshop: The Streatham Guardian notes that Peruvian artist Sophia Buchuck will be leading a workshop for children at the Streatham Tate Library.

Living in the Rainforest: The Guardian notes that Channel 4 is showing 'Going to Extremes' at 8pm where "Fifty-year-old Pam has had a tough life, and one of the things that sustained her was her dream of spending time with a tribe in the South American rainforest. Before you can say altitude sickness and insect bites, she's off to Peru with her brother Peter, getting to know tribespeople and building her own shelter."

Tragedy in Kenya: The Scotsman reports on a Peruvian on a Kenyan holiday who was assaulted and whose boyfriend was subsequently killed.

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