Saturday, August 14, 2004

UPDATED: With the Olympics, Vargas Llosa, and Alianza Lima

Polls & Polls: The Miami Herald (second item) uses the Latinobarometro to report that "President Alejandro Toledo, mired in social and political crisis, is Latin America's least popular leader." The headline is even more caustic: "Poll: Toledo's Public Approval Grimly Low" and notes that he has "the support of only 8% of Peruvians polled, two percentage points less than last year." The Herald provides no context for the annual poll. Today's El Comercio also has a front page story on a new University of Lima poll which shows that Toledo's popularity doubled in the last month to 15.2%. SEE ALSO: For more information on the Latinobarometro, see 'Latin Democracy is Deeper' in August 12's Peruvia.

War of the Pacific, cont.: Xinhua News reports that "Chilean President Ricardo Lagos ruled out the possibility Saturday to discuss the sea-territorial demarcation dispute with Peru, saying the matter was already solved," in an interview with local radio station Radio Bio Bio. ALSO: Lagos said the country "knows that when it is necessary to talk hard, I do it; when steps have to be taken, I do so," and noted that "he had discussed with Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo about the issue."

Japan Wants More Fujimori Info: Radio Australia reports that the Japanese Ambassador in Peru, Yubun Yarita, "denies that Tokyo is delaying Lima's request to extradite former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori." He says "the request will be studied very seriously and he has asked for more information on the matter." Ronald Gamarra, the anti-corruption state prosecutor has said the request for more information "is a mockery and an attempt to delay Fujimori's prosecution." SEE ALSO: 'Japan Returns Fujimori Identity' in August 7's Peruvia.

Tragedy Near Cuzco, cont.: The Washington State Columbian has some original reporting on the bus accident near Cuzco and reports that four Vancouver residents vacationing in Peru were injured, including Yony Russell, her two teenage sons, Alex and Brandon; and the boys' friend, Mark Lisowski. "Russell is a native of Peru and her family often vacations there." ALSO: "Russell and Brandon, 13, are being treated at a Cuzco hospital for serious injuries. ... Alex also tended to his mother, who was transported to a hospital in the luggage compartment of another bus."

Trans Amazon Highway, cont.: China's People's Daily updates the story on the bridge that Toledo, Lula and Mesa inaugurated between Assis do Brasil and Inapari, Peru. NOTE: "The construction of a South American nation begins with the physical integration of the towns," Lula said at the ceremony. He called the border meeting as "historical unity" among the three South American nations.

Olympics: Xinhua Net notes Peruvian Marisol Espineira lost 2-4 in table tennis to Miao Miao in the women's singles second round. The Agence France Press reports that Espineira won the first two sets. Australia's The Age (where Miao is now a citizen) had the full score: 8-11 9-11 11-5 11-4 11-6 11-6. The Agence France Press reports that Peru's Lorena Blanco was defeated by five points in badminton to fifth seed Wang Chen from Hong Kong, a quarter-finalist at the world championships last year. Reuters shows a photograph of the Peruvian in the men's single sculls but doesn't name the athlete. The Manila Times notes Peruvian medalist Francisco Boza was among the top ten in the shooting competition. In an opinion column in Canadian Content about Latin American participation in the Olympics, Lauren Schmale singles out "Peruvian shooter and ’84 silver medalist Francisco Boza [who] will go for another Olympic medal, and his young teammate, Lorena Blanco, [who] hopes to do well in the badminton competition. " (Schmale is affiliated with COHA and the piece is also posted on their web site as a press release.)

MVLl in Scotland: The Scotsman reports that Mario Vargas Llosa opened the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Peruvian Mourns After Hurricane: Knight Ridder runs a story on Hurricane Charley in Florida and notes that "Gov. Jeb Bush toured Punta Gorda's battered commercial strip around noon, offer[ing] sympathy in Spanish to a Peruvian restaurateur."

C. Iwao Uyeda Dies: The Nichi Bei Times offers an obituary of Clifford Iwao Uyeda who “is remembered by former Japanese Latin American internees for his steadfast support of our educational and redress efforts,” according to Grace Shimizu of El Cerrito, director of the Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project and a leading advocate for Japanese Latin American redress.

Alianza v. U: Soccer America notes that Alianza Lima plays Universitario at 3:30pm on Gol TV.

San Isidro and L-by-the Sea are Sisters: Florida's Sun-Sentinel reports that Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is now a sister-city with San Isidro, as part of the Sister Cities International program. Assistant Town Manager Laura Ward said, "We're excited. We're looking forward to a long-term relationship with this beautiful community." NOTE: "After partnering with San Isidro, Most said the association identified about 24 Peruvians living in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea." SEE ALSO: 'Cuzco and Madison are Sisters' in July 21's Peruvia.

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