Tuesday, November 02, 2004

UPDATE LATER TODAY: Orchid Thief, Deported Nun, and Bobby Fisher's Peruvian Friend

Travel To Peru: The Washington Post online-travel discussion has this: Rockville, Md.: "Crew -- just a word of thanks. For months you have been praising the virtues of travel to Peru, and your articles and answers to my on-line questions persuaded me to go. We got back a week ago, and Peru turned out to be a tremendous experience. My wife and I have traveled throughout the world, and we both agreed that our trip to Peru was one of the best we have ever taken. Thanks again for your informative guidance." John Deiner: "Our pleasure, Rock. Glad you enjoyed your time there."

LHorna Loses: Reuters reports that Luis Horna lost in the first round of the Paris Masters Series ATP tournament to Cyril Saulnier (France) 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-0).

Pan American Silver Up: Mineweb and Reuters report that Pan American Silver Corp. "swung back into profit in the third quarter, results showed on Monday, as the Canadian-based miner benefited from record quarterly output and strong metal prices."

How Odd to Die in Peru: The Independent has an appreciation piece on John Peel who died last week in Peru and includes this: "Peru seemed an oddly exotic location for such an exceptionally ordinary man to meet his end."

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