Wednesday, August 24, 2005

TANS CRASH: The TANS plane was a Boeing 737-200 carrying 98 people, including six crew members, on a flight from Lima to Pucallpa. The aircraft was on loan from Safair, a South African company. (It is possibly this aircraft.)

A review of the days reporting on the crash is found below, following today’s other news.

Death in Texas, cont.: The McKinney Courier-Gazette (Danny Gallagher) and the Dallas Morning News reports that Edgar Vera was buried on Tuesday. “At the Moore Memorial Garden burial, Peruvian Consul Eduardo Rivoldi and Ambassador Eduardo Ferrero had a few words with Mr. Vera's wife, Lorena. … ‘The meeting was basically to ask that an exhaustive, objective and detailed investigation is carried out,’ said Mr. Ferrero, who also said it was his first time looking into a case about police force used on a Peruvian immigrant in the U.S.

Lourdes #1, Valentín #2, Alan #3: Angus Reid reviews the latest University of Lima poll and concludes that 21.9% of Peruvian voters named Lourdes Flores Nano and her Popular Christian Party (PPC) as theic choice in next year’s presidential race. Former head of state Valentín Paniagua of Popular Action (AP) is second with 16.8%, followed by former president Alan García of the American Revolutionary People’s Alliance (APRA) with 14.1%, and Alberto Andrade of We Are Peru (SP) with 9.6%. Others mentioned include Callao mayor Alex Kouri, Jaime Salinas of National Justice (JN), Martha Chávez of New Majority (NM), David Waisman of Possible Peru (PP), Yehude Simons of the Humanist Movement (MH), journalist Alfredo Barnechea, and Fernando Olivera of the Independent Moralizing Front (FIM).

LFN #1, AGP #2, VP #3: Dow Jones (Robert Kozak) reviewed on Datum International’s latest poll with slightly different numbers. Lourdes Flores leads voter intentions in this poll as well (“26% would vote for Flores”) but Garcia follows with 20%. “The poll also found that 36% said they would never vote for Garcia. … In third place in voter intention is former president Valentin Paniagua, with 19% support.” NOTE: “The poll found that Flores would defeat Garcia in a hypothetical second round run off vote, by a 53% to 26% difference.”

Peru/USA Trade: The Miami Today News reports that “forty-five Miami-Dade executives are headed for Peru, where it is expected that President Alejandro Toledo will endorse Miami as the preferred site for the secretariat of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. They were expected to join the business development mission to Lima headed by Gov. Jeb Bush and sponsored in part by Florida FTAA - which is working to bring the secretariat to Miami if the Western Hemisphere's 34 nations sign a free-trade agreement.” NOTE: An updated story in the Associated Press reports that as Tropical Storm Katrina nears Florida, Governor Jeb Bush has “canceled a business trip to Peru that was to begin Wednesday.” Separately, the Miami Herald offers a general report on Washington’s free trade negotiation talks with several countries around the Americas, including Peru. NOTE: “Peru is among Florida's top 20 trade partners and offers a wealth of international business opportunities for companies in a variety of industries throughout the Sunshine State," Gov. Bush said.” Florida has a $1.2 billion annual trade relationship with Peru.

Rumsfeld in Lima, cont: The Toldeo Blade runs an editorial by Dan Simpson, a retired diplomat, titled, “Rumsfeld, Rice foreign policy not rooted in reality” “Mr. Rumsfeld, 73, went to Paraguay and Peru and used the visits as a platform to warn Latin Americans against falling under the pernicious influence of leftists - old, ancient leftist Fidel Castro, 79, and new rich leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. 'Leftist' meant something entirely different back in Mr. Rumsfeld's younger days when the Soviet Union was still around as America's global rival.”

BHP Billiton: BNAmericas reports that “Anglo-Australian resources group BHP Billiton posted a record attributable profit of US$6.4bn, including exceptional items, for its fiscal year ended June 30, 2005, 89% higher than the previous year, and at the higher end of analyst forecasts of US$6.12bn-6.5bn.”



Other: Agência Brasil (Thaís Brianezi ) reports that “Brazil assists Peru in combating malaria” among indigenous populations.


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