Monday, August 22, 2005

Trading with People: Reuters reports that Peru, “is enjoying an export-led recovery. But according to figures published on Monday, one of its top exports is its people. An average of 1,149 Peruvians left the country every day in the first half of 2005, a rise in net migration statistics of 39% compared to 2004, according to the National Statistics Institute (INEI) and it’s chief Farid Matuk. NOTE: “A family with extra cash could afford to decide that sending one member abroad to work and ship home dollars was more productive than, say, buying a car and running a taxi service.” ALSO: “According to Peruvian consultancy Apoyo, remittances to Peru totaled $1.117 billion in 2004, up 30 percent on 2003. ... The United States and Chile are the top destinations for the net 302,000 Peruvians who emigrated in 2004.” NOTE: “Big investment in primary industries does not translate into many jobs. Dividing the total amount of capital by the number of jobs created, Matuk said the huge Las Bambas copper project in southern Peru required $750,000 to generate one job, compared with $50,000 for an AmBev beer plant, $40,000 at a new Plaza Vea supermarket and $30,000 in a boutique in Lima's top shopping mall.

Trading with MidEast: Israel’s Globe reported on an Israeli business delegation in Peru that “is likely to generate deals totaling $5 million over the next 2-3 years. ... With the help of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, a delegation of 23 Israeli business people is visiting Peru as guests of President Alejandro Toledo. NOTE: “The delegation includes representatives of companies like Metal Tech, Merhav, Nirtal Security Consulting and Training, Plastro Irrigation Systems, Verint Systems, and Polysack Plastic Industries. The delegation will meet with Toledo, the Ministers of Trade and Agriculture, and Dr. Daniel Schydlowsky (Corporación Financiera de Desarrollo, COFIDE), the Peruvian development bank.

Trading with Far East: Malaysia’s New Strait Times (Balan Moses) reports on Peruvian Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary for Asia and the Pacific Basin, Martha Chavarri, who arrived in Kuala Lumpur last Sunday, to avoid questions about affairs back home. “The former ambassador to Finland would have had a hard time being updated herself on the latest in the political scene in Lima, dynamic as the developments may have been.” NOTE: “She was in town with a more positive agenda: to resurrect the dynamism of the Peruvian-Malaysian relationship before the 1997 Asian Crisis. According to her, central to this mission would be a visit to Peru by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Chavarri, who once worked in Chile with incumbent Peruvian envoy to Malaysia, Alejandro Gordillo Fernández, said Peru had a thriving trade relationship with Malaysia. ‘We can do it again. Our economies are complementary rather than competitive,’ she said. Peru has also asked Malaysia Airlines to extend its Kuala Lumpur-Buenos Aires flight to Lima.”

Death In Texas, cont.: The Dallas Morning News (Isabel C. Morales) reports that “Peru's ambassador to the United States will seek meetings this week with Texas Gov. Rick Perry and the head of the Texas Rangers to express concerns as officials investigate the death of Edgar Vera. NOTE: “Ambassador Eduardo Ferrero wants to know whether someone is responsible for Mr. Vera's death and, if so, whether he will be held accountable, said Eduardo Rivoldi, the Houston-based consul general of Peru in Texas.”

Death in Colorado: The Rocky Mountain News (Colorado, USA) reports that Denver police have “identified a man and woman killed in a murder-suicide midweek in the 8600 block of East Dillard Place. Nickolas Zervas, 33, apparently shot his wife, Maria Ysabel Condorchua-Angulo, 37, then turned the gun on himself .” NOTE: “Condorchua-Angulo was Peruvian and had a 7-year-old daughter who was not at the home at the time of the shooting.”

Faulty Fire Equipment?: Desastres.org reports that “many Peruvian volunteer firefighters have complained about the purchase of Holmatro equipment. ... A fire officer stated for "Desastres.org" records that purchasing this equipment is counterproductive.” NOTE: “In Peru, more deaths are cause by car accidents than terrorism, one reason why many question manual tools purchase in lieu of hydraulic ones. According to the information, Peru procured 150 units of Combi Manual Tool Holmatro model HCT 3121, valued in US$ 2,296 each.”

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Spanish Stuck in Huayhash, cont: EiTB (Spain) is reporting that four Basque mountaineers rescued in Peru, Eneko Arenaza, Asier Mediavilla, Laura Guey and Ekain Caigal “are in good conditions. They will undergo medical checking to determine whether they suffer from lung oedema. Arenaza and Guey are in hospital, the other two are on the way.” (See Also: 'Spanish Stuck in Huayhash' in August 21's Peruvia.)

Remembering Fuji: MercoPress reports that Michiaki Nagatani, “a Bolivian of Japanese descent was chosen Sunday morning by the centre-right Revolutionary Nationalist Movement, former President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada's party, as its presidential candidate for the December election.” Out of a sense of reporting obligation, the article concludes that “neighbouring Peru was ruled for a decade by a Japanese descendent president Alberto Fujimori until he resigned in 2000 during a visit to Japan where he still lives. Mr. Fujimori never returned to Peru because he’s accused of several charges of corruption and human rights abuses.”

Other: Korean Celebration: The BBC Monitoring Service reports from Pyongyang that President Toledo and “the Peruvian people always support the Korean people in the efforts for the reunification of the Korean penninsula.”

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