Tuesday, February 14, 2006

NEW APOYO #s, II: Dow Jones (Robert Kozak) and the Washington Times highlight the new APOYO opinion poll. Dow Jones focuse on the congressional candidates which has Lourdes Flores’ National Union Party polling at 27% which would form the largest block in Congress. APRA polls at 21%, coming in second; Union Para el Peru, led by Ollanta Humala polls is at 15%. NOTE: "The survey from Apoyo on support in Congress broadly mirrors voter intentions for the presidential candidates" released on Sunday. ALSO: "Widely-watched television program Panorama on Sunday broadcast the accusations of a man who said he had been tortured by Humala. Humala said late Sunday that the accusations are attempts to distract attention." The article suggests that the race is most intense between Humala and Alan Garcia, "a skilled campaigner who still faces questions, however, about his disastrous term as president from 1985 to 1990." What those questions may be were not detailed. The Washington Times ran what seems to be a summary of yesterday's AP wire on their Americas Page though it seems like there were additions. It adds color particularly to the Flores candidacy whom they clearly favour: "The 46-year-old lawyer, favored by Wall Street to continue healthy economic growth, has the most support in the upper and middle classes. She came from a family of Mexican migrants to Peru, and she and an older sister were the first in the family to attend college. She earned a bachelor's degree at Stanford University in California and went on to Syracuse University, where she received a master's degree." SEE ALSO: ‘New APOYO #s’ in yesterday’s Peruvia.

PERUPETRO TO PETROPERU: Dow Jones (Rebecca Howard) opines that "investors may be scared off by a new proposal from Congress that folds government agency Perupetro, which signs energy sector contracts, into state-owned fuel refiner and distributor Petroleos del Peru S.A. or Petroperu," according to an interview with Perupetro’s chief Antonio Cueto. NOTE: "Perupetro has made a concerted effort to drum up interest in Peru's flagging oil sector in recent years and has managed to attract significant investment after making contracts more flexible and attractive." ALSO: "President Alejandro Toledo has 15 days to propose changes to the bill or to veto it, although Congress can overturn that veto."

PROTESTANT FREED FROM PRISON: BosNewsLife (Stefan J. Bos) carries a story about Walter Wilmer Cubas Baltas, a Peruvian Protestant, who was freed from prison "after serving 13 years in prison for terrorist crimes he did not commit, human rights groups confirmed." NOTE: "Amnesty International and Christian Solidarity Worldwide said Walter Cubas, a former labor union leader, was released from Lima's maximum security prison Miguel Castro Castro jail on February 1." ALSO: "CSW said it is believed that his participation in union activities at the factory where he worked, played a major role in the detention."

RABBI ARRIVES IN TARAPOTO: Arutz Sheva reports from Tarapoto about Shavei Israel receiving their first rabbi. "Comprising several hundred people, the Tarapoto community consists of descendants of Moroccan Jews who migrated to the area in the late 19th century. Settling in towns in Peru's Amazon basin such as Iquitos in the 1880s, many became involved in local trade and commerce."

JAPANESE-PERUVIANS HONORED: Asahi Shinbum reports on the Japanese Overseas Migration Museum in Yokohama whose collection includes photos and artifacts of emigrants to Peru and Brazil among other places. "Themes include the expanding emigrant presence, the spread of Japanese descendants, anti-Japanese sentiment in wartime and the daily life of emigrants."



SPORTS: Reuters continues their updates on the Peruvian football championship fixtures.


PERU JOINS UN: The Associated Press notes in its ‘Today in History’ post that on February 14, 1945, Peru joined the United Nations.

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