Sunday, August 19, 2007

UPDATE ON REPORTING: After an almost exclusive focus on Pisco, reports from other cities in Ica, including Chincha, begin to appear. Some stories are filing directly from Ica. Notably, the Los Angeles Times Patrick McConnell is in Pisco while Adriana Leon covers the story from Lima; and the New York Times has stringer David Rochkind there (though Simon Romero presumably is in Lima).

Missing in action is McClatchy's Tyler Bridges who had some of the finest reporting immediately after the earthquake but who files from Piura on ethanol; that said, McClatchy's Houston Chronicle does have John Otis in Pisco. And most stories today weave in reports of looting alongside the relief efforts.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs released their fourth 'Situation Report' and added a detailed map outlining the geography of the disaster.

Stratfor has one of the few news articles in English about the earthquake's impact on the recent flare up between Peru and Chile but the Associated Press (in Spanish) has an article up today that Chile's Bachelet is open to giving Bolivia an opening to the Pacific. A quick reading forces questions of the timing of her statements.

And finally, Nobby Solano's media acuity shines as he calls for a football charity match between Peru and England to raise funds for the relief effort.

Yesterday we posted: news and blog accounts as well as You Tube and other videos on the earthquake in Pisco scatter the internet. The United States Geological Survey has some scientific details. For the quickist run down of general news updates, we recommend this Reuters page. To include other stories in the summaries below, contact Peruvia's editor.


FINALLY, two other names in the news today:

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