Thursday, November 04, 2004

AToledo in Rio: Bloomberg and Xinhua News report on the Latin American presidential summit that has 13 heads of state meeting for a ‘Group of Rio’ two-day summit to discuss "a larger peacekeeping force in Haiti and wondering how relations between the United States and the region will develop under U.S. President George W. Bush's second term." According to Xinhua, "Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo congratulated Bush on his re-election and the people of the United States for their participation in the elections which were marked by transparency. Toledo hoped the bilateral relations will develop 'based on the strengthening of democracy, the unrestricted respect for human rights, the combat against poverty, the combat against terrorism, drug trafficking and corruption, as well as the promotion of free trade.' Bloomberg reports that the South American countries "plan to create a group to discuss joint policy and strengthen ties as they prepare for talks on a free-trade agreement linking the continent with North America." Their next meeting will be December 7-9 in Cuzco, Peru to form the group, according to President Toledo. The Associated Press has a photo of Toledo with Mexican President Vicente Fox and another photo of First Lady Eliane Karp with her Mexican counterpart Marta Sahagun. Reuters has a photograph of the four together at a hotel on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

AGuzmán in Prison: The Associated Press’ Monte Hayes updates the upcoming civilian retrial of "rebel leader" Abimael Guzmán and reports that "experts … are concerned about the state's lack of preparation … and warn it could lay the legal basis for hundreds of high-level guerrillas eventually being freed." NOTE: "His first of several trials begins Friday, on a charge of having used a university-prep institute to help finance his insurgency." CITED: Marcos Ibazeta Marino (a former anti-terrorism judge who "said it was a mistake that his first civilian trial be for a nonviolent crime."); retired Col. Benedicto Jimenez Bacca (who directed the anti-terrorism police unit that captured Guzmán who warned: "Guzmán is alive and kicking, more than ever.") Jimenez and Ibazeta spoke directly with foreign correspondents in Lima. Reuters offers a 1992 photo of Guzmán in pinstripes; a 1993 photograph when Guzmán was transferred to a cage; and a 2003 file photograph. The Associated Press offers a softer photo from last year; a 2004 photograph of Guzmán and cellmate/aide/lover Elena Iparraguirre at the Naval Base in Callao; and a separate Associated Press photo has Guzmán and Iparraguirre with Angelica Salas, Osman Morote, Martha Huatay, and Maria Pantoja, all leaders of Peru's Shining Path insurgency. See Also: ‘AGuzmán Strike Over’ in June 7’s Peruvia.

AFujimori in Exile: Xinhua News reports that ex-President Alberto Fujimori will "return to Peru prior to the general elections in 2006," according to an interview with former Agriculture Minister Absalon Vasquez Villanueva who said, "Without question Fujimori will be a candidate in the coming elections and will be back in Peru any time now." NOTE: Vasquez, founder of the political organization Cambio 1990, is one of Fujimori's followers who supported him to be elected as president in 1990.

Peru/Ecuador Connect: BNAmericas reports that "feasibility studies are underway to develop the Piura-Guayaquil highway that will link Peru and Ecuador," declared Minister of Foreign Affairs Manuel Rodríguez. NOTE: "The 309km, US$40mn highway project is a key part of the US$3bn bi-national plan that aims to develop a number of different sectors in the frontier region of the two countries including highways, water, agriculture and energy. The European Union (EU) will provide highway financing." (See last item here.) ALSO: There will also be a new international bridge near the Ecuadorian city of Huaquillas, the reconstruction of bridges between Tumbes and Piura, "and the development of a new border installation to avoid bureaucracy during border crossings." In Spanish: See official document on Eje Vial N° 1.

Pasco Threatens: Gestion is reporting that Víctor Raúl Espinoza Soto, president of the Pasco region, "has warned that if the mining royalty bill is not approved and regulated within the next few days, his government will on 18 November 2004 organize a march to the Government's Palace to protest the delay and has not ruled out plans to call for a regional strike." NOTE: "Mr. Espinoza has also said that the 28 mayors in the region, social organizations and the presidents of the regions of Moquegua, Cristala Constantinide; and Huancavelica, Salvador Crisanto Espinoza Huarocc, will join the protests."

Cusqueña in the UK: The Manchester Evening News reports that Keiron Barton, of the Manchester-based Chilli Marketing who helped bring Cusqueña lager to the local northwest bar scene, "will be passing on tips for successful international trading at the Business Enterprise Xchange." See Also: Barton’s efforts were noted in ‘Cusqueña is Introduced’ in June 29’s Peruvia.

Macro Econ: Reuters reports that Peru's October tax revenues "rose 7.3% to 1.93 billion soles ($581 million) in inflation-adjusted terms compared with the same period last year, lower than the 2.05 billion soles generated in September," according to SUNAT. NOTE: "A 5.4% rise in sales tax collection and a 15.4% jump in income tax revenues helped boost collection in October, compared with the same month last year."

Micro Econ: Transportation Logistics International announced in a press release that its Advanced Medical Diagnostics "has received a commitment for 1 million HIV (1+2) Rapid Test Kits from their Peruvian distributor, Advance Products S.A.C. [which] is committed to order the one million HIV (1+2) Rapid Test Kits from AMD over the next 12 months." NOTE: "Michael Gilbert, AMD's President made this statement: "If a small country like Peru can utilize one million kits in a year, the worldwide potential is incalculable. We expect this $4.5 million order to be just the beginning of major sales for AMD."




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