Thursday, January 01, 1970

October 3, 1968 

CBS News (Walter Cronkite) had a 20-second piece on this evening's newscast on the coup in Peru.  "Students are fighting with troops in Lima, following an Army coup that ousted the government of President Fernando Belaunde Terry.  The Junta appears firmly in control and Belaunde has sought political asylum in Buenos Aires.  The opposition to Belaunde claimed there was corruption in the government's handling of a new petroleum contract with an American company." (Cronkite's studio piece was the second item, after the Mexico City riots.)  NBC News (Chet Huntley) also had a 20-second piece on the coup but it was placed further into the broadcast.

ABC News (Frank Reynolds) had the most detailed report this evening on "the Peruvian military overthrowing the government of President Belaunde Terry, who was put on a plane to Buenos Aires.  General Juan Velasco Alvarado is the head of the new government.  Students have taken to the streets and tear gas and water cannons have been used to disperse them.  The United States has not reached an opinion on this situation yet. (Reynolds' report lasted 50 seconds on this evening's newscast and was the second story, right after the newscasts' lead story was the student riots in Mexico City.  The Peruvian coup was the follow up with other stories on the USA 1968 presidential campaign.)

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