Thursday, January 01, 2004

Old & New Year: A Reuters piece by Drew Benson brings in the New Year with Toledo piñatas/effigies - which are "selling like hot cakes for New Year's Eve." The story reviews the year including 10% popularity, cabinet changes past, cabinet turmoil present, and slips in two other news items in the last sentence: the cockfight between Rino Passigato, the papal nuncio and the Foreign Minister; and AGarcia's pre-call for early elections.

Numbers: Another Reuters piece headlines "Peru sees continued growth bringing down debt" pegged on some quotes from Economy Minister Jaime Quijandria. Numbers include: 4.1% growth in 2003; debt load is at 46% of GDP; and an IMF mission is coming in 02/04.

More Copper: Reuters reports that copper miner Monterrico Metals Plc found that "a new round of drilling had revealed more copper at depth in its Peru-based Rio Blanco project ... [which is] expected to lead to a significant increase in the overall resources at Rio Blanco."

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