Saturday, April 24, 2004

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Free Trade or Free Trade: Reuters reports that Peru's Ambassador to the USA presented a letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick yesterday, "outlining progress in resolving a series of legal disputes that it hopes will be enough to start free-trade talks next month." The article reviews several of the "long-standing legal disputes with U.S. companies [which] overshadowed Peru's prospects, but the letter said three had been resolved and there had been 'substantial progress' in two more. Said Foreign Trade Minister Alfredo Ferrero, "Peru had no Plan B. ... it's free trade or free trade, anything else would be harmful for us."

Free Trade or Free Trade? California's Contra Costa Times says that some USA asparagus growers "wonder how much longer their tradition can survive the assault of cheap imports from Peru and Mexico."

CD Destruction: Indecopi staged a theatrical event in Lima in which they destroyed 200,000 illegally copied CDs and DVDs. The wire agencies paid rapt attention as the Associated Press and Reuters showed a steamroller doing the destruction; Reuters shows musician Raul Romero "chewing" on some cds and children stomping on others; and the Associated Press has someone else sweeping some cds.

SMulanovich Champion! Sufring Magazine lauds Sofia Mulanovich after winning "the most lucrative women's WCT event (US$73,300), the fourth annual Roxy Pro, in perfect conditions." The story states that "Mulanovich's opening ride secured her piece of history though, as the diminutive natural footer waited for one of the larger set waves and unleashed an inspired backhand attack for the Roxy Pro's only perfect 10-point score." Two weeks ago, Mulanovich won the ISA world title in Ecuador.

Gorbachev on May 7: Reuters reports that former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev will address an international gold conference in Lima on May 7. According to his host, the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy, his talk will cover "corporate government, private investment, sustainable development, responsible economic policy and mining in Peru.

De Soto on May 7: Michigan State University announced that Hernando de Soto "will address candidates for advanced degrees on May 7." MSU President Peter McPherson was the administrator of the Agency for International Development in the 1980s, among the first first funder of De Soto's research.

Imasen Polling: The Miami Herald includes a short bit on a Lima-voter preference Imasen poll published in Friday's Correo. It was led by AFujimori (18.4%) followed by AGarcia and VPaniagua.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters states that Compania de Minas Buenaventura issued its first-quarter production data.
- Reuters reports that Barrick Gold Corp., the world's No. 3 gold producer, "expects to cast the first gold bar from its Alto Chicama mine in Peru in the third quarter of next year," according to Igor Gonzales, Barrick's regional vice president in Peru."
- Reuters reports that Edegel's first quarter net profits are up 24%.
- Reuters reports that gold production at Pierina "is expected to fall to 645,000 ounces in 2004 from 911,000 ounces in 2003 as miners hit a lower grade of ore," according to Pierina's owner Barrick Gold Corp.


Friday, April 23, 2004

AeroContinente Banned: AFX, the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Voice of America report that Aero Continente "is temporarily banned from flying to and from the United States," according to the Transport Ministry which cited a decision by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The airline runs four Miami-Lima flights a week and has 60 percent of Peru's domestic market. The AP quotes U.S. Embassy spokesman Michael Stanton who said "the FAA sent a letter Thursday to Aero Continente's operations director, Victor Jaime Manrique, saying discussions between the FAA and Peru's Civil Aviation Authority "resulted in a common understanding of the significant safety issues." It also cites FAA spokesman Christopher White and reminds of potential interest by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration of airline founder, Fernando Zevallos. Reuters quotes Aero Continente Director Carlos Morales, spokesman German Arata and a ticket saleswoman who said "the airline's next U.S.-bound flight on Friday night to Miami was confirmed." A blind USA aviation source said "the decision was over safety issues, without giving more details." The Miami Herald alone among the major USA dailies picks up the story, mainly using the AP wire. The Herald adds that tonights flight, "leaving at 1 a.m., will fly with a plane and crew chartered from Falcon Air. The Associated Press offers a photo of FZevallos and CMorales after their news conference yesterday. AFX states that FZevallos believes himself to be "the victim of a 'vendetta' " by Wilson Benzaquen, head of Peru's General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Aero Continente. SEE ALSO: the USA Consular Information on Peru which has some dated material on Aerocontinente; a few recent complaints the USA Federal Aviation Administration has had with Aerocontinente. See also: 'FZevallos' 3rd Trial' in March 28's Peruvia.

War of the Pacific, cont: The United Press International headlines "Chilean port privatization brings tensions" reporting that "protests against a proposed takeover of Arica's harbor by multinational interests pose an embarrassing challenge to the socialist government of President Ricardo Lagos, who faces widespread opposition to the scheme." References include a "a century-old treaty granting [Bolivia]privileged access to the port lost in an 1879 war." About 80 percent of Arica´s business comes from Bolivia. ALSO: "There is also built-in competition with Peru, which has rights over a part of the harbor straddling its territorial waters." The article ends with a debate about the militarized level of the "120 mountain passes joining Bolivia with Arica."

Si Cumple, Questioned, cont: Agence France Press gets AFujimori's side of the story of the JNE's disqualification of his party for the 2006 national elections. Said Fujimori to AFP, "[my] supporters are no less than one third of the total voters, which in absolute figure is more than five million people." The story continues by saying that "Fujimori, 66, has been seeking to run in the 2006 elections despite being in contempt of court for failing to appear at several trials on corruption and human rights violation charges allegedly committed under his 1990-2000 rule."

Doctor's Strike, cont: The British medical journal The Lancet reports that the physicians "who have been striking since April 12, have convinced the Ministry of Economy and Finances to increase the health budget by about US$5 million." However, the doctors "vowed to continue the strikes until long-overdue pay rises are granted." Quoted is Luis Paredes, president of the Medical Federation of Peru, who estimates that "the sector would need about $170 million to improve infrastructure and to ensure that hospitals and clinics have the equipment and materials they need." Also cited: Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti. "Gross wages for doctors on the public payroll range from about $620 to about $760 a month. Paredes said the range should be at least $890 to $1090." See Also: 'Doctor's Strike' in April 13's Peruvia.

Movimiento #3: Reuters reports that "about 1,000 peasants armed with shotguns, machetes and sticks marched on [Tambogrande], seeking to drive out the miners," according to Deputy Mines Minister Cesar Polo. The mine is owned by Monterrico Metals Plc. Last year, a similar group "claimed a victory last year after Peru shut the door on a gold and copper mine planned by Canada's Manhattan Minerals Corp." Also quoted: Monterrico Chief Operating Officer Ray Angus and Dante Vera, adviser to Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi.

Juche in Peru, cont: The Korean Central News Agency reports that the Peruvian national meeting "took place at the building of the Peruvian Teachers' Unique Trade Union on April 12 to commemorate the Day of the Sun. At the meeting speakers said that President Kim Il Sung was the greatest man in the 20th century who founded the immortal Juche idea, led the socialist revolution and construction in Korea to a victory and made great contributions to the development of the socialist movement of the world and global independence. They said his cause has been creditably carried forward by leader Kim Jong Il and spoke highly of his greatness. ... Present on invitation was the DPRK ambassador to Peru."

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Southwestern Resources put out a press release to announce that "Newmont Peru Limited, as joint venture operator of the Liam Core Area, has informed the Company that the first phase drilling program will begin in the next few days on the Liam Gold-Silver Project located in the Southern Tertiary Belt of Peru."
- Candente puts out a press release reports that "a new gold-silver target has been identified by mapping and rock chip sampling within the Alto Dorado Property. The new target has a high level epithermal signature with gold grades of up to 15 grams per tonne (gpt) and silver of up to 117 gpt in an extensive siliceous quartz stockwork zone covering a minimum area of 500 by 300 metres (m)." Drilling will begin in May.
- Reuters reports that Telefonica's first quarter profits soared 220%.
- Bloomberg and Just Drinks reports that Backus & Johnston "has posted a huge drop in Q1 net income."
- Dow Jones reports that Edelnor said that "first-quarter net income fell to 27.44 million soles ... due mainly to larger payments for income tax and for worker participation rights as well as a decline in revenues."

SMulanovich WINS: Australia's ABC and the Courier and Mail report that Peruvian surfer Sofia Mulanovich's has won the Roxy Pro World Championship Tournament in Fiji. "Mulanovich scored the only perfect 10-point score of the event with her first ride." Reuters has a photograph of the victor. See 'SMulanovich' over the last several days.

Music Offering: The UK's Denbighshire Press reports that Peruvian band APU will be playing this summer at the Ruthin Festival.


Thursday, April 22, 2004

Movimiento #1: Reuters reports that the cocalero's strike "was centered around Tingo Maria, where thousands of coca farmers were expected to converge to march on the capital. They were set to arrive in Lima next Monday." Narco News reminds that "last year, over 15,000 farmers swelled the ranks of an 18-day march from their hometowns to the national capital of Lima. How many will join the blockades in 2004?"

Movimiento #2: The Associated Press reports that "hundreds of protesters marched through Lima on Wednesday to demand the government give them back the jobs." They claimed that they had lost their jobs "illegally during the administration of former president, Alberto Fujimori." The protestors clashed with police as they approached the Labour Ministry. "They threw rocks at the police and burnt tyres. The police responded with tear gas and water cannons."

Si Cumple, Questioned, cont: The Associated Press and Dow Jones further the story on the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones' decision to deny AFujimori's Si Puede an entry for the 2006 elections. The story says the "new political party's name is invalid because of a procedural error." Cited by the AP: the JNE's Manuel Sanchez-Palacios who declared, "All modifications have to be in line with current laws." He added that the party has until February 1, 2005, to apply for the name change correctly. Cited by Dow Jones: JNE's titular head, Javier Alva Orlandini, who said, "There is a disqualification and it has to be respected. It is a legal norm that is valid." Meanwhile, AFX has AFujimori's reaction to the ruling.

UNDP Report in Lima, cont: The Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald and the New York Times all run full pieces on yesterday's UNDP report, Democracy in Latin America, which stated that "A majority of Latin Americans say they would support the replacement of a democratic government with an "authoritarian" one if it could produce economic benefits." The Herald's reporting is the best with people-on-the-street interviews (from Pedro Apaza and Carmen Velasquez) and ends by saying, "a United Nations official said the release of the program's report in Lima was not designed to highlight the threat to Toledo's continued service in office." (The MH files from Lima while the NYT reports from NYC and the LAT from Buenos Aires). The Washington Post includes a two-paragraph wire story on the event. Radio Netherlands posts an interview about the report with Bill Orme, a UNDP spokesperson.

Peruvian Food in DC: The Washington Post recommends THREE Peruvian restaurants to its metropolitan readership today. First is El Pollo Rico ("Save room for the thick tortillas and savory empanadas"); Second is Twice as Good ("for Peruvian roast chicken"); and Third is La Chozita Grill ("Be sure to try the corn tamales and leave room for the flan").

Pilots who Shot Missionaries 'Innocent', cont: The Los Angeles Times uses an edited version of yeterday's AP story in today's paper. Also: Michigan's Muskegon Chronicle reports on the missionary who was on that fateful flight. "[Jim] Bowers' second wife, Stacie, is expected to give birth next month." He is now a missionary in Portugal.

Backus' Changes and Challenges: Bloomberg and Dow Jones report that "Backus & Johnston's net income fell in the first quarter after the company cut retail prices, seeking to boost sales and shore up its market before Brazil's AmBev starts selling beer in Peru." A separate Bloomberg piece reports on the retirement of Backus & Johnston chairman Elias Bentin who was replaced by Alejandro Santo Domingo, 27, the son of Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Colombia's richest person, who took over Backus last year. The story also reports that Southern Peru Copper Corp.'s "first quarter soared fourfold to $86.8 million."

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters reports on the auction of Las Bambas copper deposit set for auction on July 2, which "should increase its annual exports by 30 percent and generate 1 percent of gross domestic product every year once the mine comes into operation." Cited are Jorge Merino (ProInversion) and the fourteen companies pre-qualified for the Las Bambas auction including Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Teck-Cominco, Southern Peru Copper Corp., and Barrick Gold Corp. "
- Sultan Minerals put out a press release to announce an option agreement with Sociedad Minera De Responsabilidad Limitada Coripampa.
- BNAmericas reports that the Banco de Credito "will expand its push into Peru's low income segments this year by opening 10 new offices in Lima," according to investor relations manager José Hung.
- BNAmericas reports that "Mastercard International signed a strategic alliance with the Banco de Credito."
- BNAmericas reports on the US$100 million water project Proyecto de Aguas Superficiales in Piura that will "benefit 307,000."

Jane’s Review: Jane's Intelligence Review publishes an update on Peru including the cocalero strike, Toledo's approval ratings, and the possible Shining Path resurgence.

Rapes in Huánuco? The Protestant group International Justice Mission is sponsoring a five day training in sexual assault prosecution of the United States for Prosecutor/Fiscal Amadeo Cerron Uceda (Cuarta Fiscalia Provincial Penal, Huánuco), Victor Ciro Torre Salcedo, (Corte Superior, Huánuco) and Victor Rengifo Tuesta (Police Chief of La Oroya). As a result, the Illinois Pioneer Press reports that there is “a horrifying wave of sexual assaults in a city in Peru's highlands.” The Dupage County Daily Herald reported that “in Huánuco, the vast majority of child rapists aren't prosecuted for a crime that leaders there say has reached epidemic proportions.” The travelling group received an award from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan as seen in the photo labelled “4/15/2004 Peruvian Legal Delegation." An IJM spokesman said the weeklong visit is "part of the project to encourage people in Peru to become more trustful of their legal system." Separately, the groups' senior counsel Jaime Ferrant said that "Huánuco is a beautiful city nestled in the Andes, but its crime problem may overshadow that fact.”

SMulanovich & Quarterfinals Still Postponed: Australia's Advertiser reports that the US$100,000 Roxy Pro surfing competition (with a US$100,000 top prize) "was postponed for the second day today due to continued small surf." See yesterday's 'SMulanovich & Quarterfinals Postponed.'

- Virginia's Roanoke Times, in an article about raising alpacas, quotes someone saying, "people in Peru measure their wealth in livestock."
- The Economist reports on comparing education transnationally and declares: 'Americans worry from time to time about the undeniably impressive lead that Japanese students have over students in the United States—but the gap between American students and students in Peru is fully three times bigger."


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Pilots who Shot Missionaries 'Innocent': The Associated Press reports on the Peruvian civilian Judge Roberto Vasquez who has "shelved criminal charges" against Peruvian Air Force Maj. Jose Antonio Redhead and Lt. Richard Hercilla "who mistakenly shot down a small plane in 2001, killing a Michigan missionary and her infant." The case will go to the Superior Criminal Court in Iquitos. (Archive: See 'Blame Ascribed' in November 1, 2001's Peruvia. Note: it is the last day (near the bottom) of this link.)

Cipriani Questioned: The Associated Press and Dow Jones report on the subpoena of Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani "to testify in an investigation into the alleged murder of his predecessor, Monsignor Augusto Vargas Alzamora -- at the hands of Fujimori's now-jailed spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos." The article states that "Vargas Alzmora and Cipriani were often at loggerheads over Vargas Alzamora's strong criticism of Fujimori's authoritarian methods." Cited in the story are Prosecutor Hector Villar; 'constitutional expert' Javier Valle Riestra; and former Justice Minister Fernando Olivera.

Si Cumple, Questioned: Agence France Press and Dow Jones report that the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones has "invalidated former president Alberto Fujimori's new political party Si Cumple, ending the exiled leader's chances of running in the 2006 presidential elections." Carlos Raffo, an AFujimori spokesperson, stated to the AFP that this was just "an excuse to get us out of the way and try to prevent the former president from registering on the electoral list." Dow Jones also mentions the Apoyo survey released earlier this week which "found that 32% of those polled approved of Fujimori's recent work." However, the poll also "found that 69% believe that Fujimori was guilty of 'illegal enrichment' during his time in office. The poll found that 50% think he was guilty of organizing the death squads involved in two notorious mass killings."

UNDP Report in Lima: The United Nations Development Programme released a new report, Democracy in Latin America: Towards a Citizens' Democracy, today at Lima's Museo Pedro de Osma. "Written by and for Latin Americans, the report provides a comprehensive analysis of the troubled state of democracy in the region, backed by three years of exhaustive research." Expected at the event: AToledo, Mark Malloch Brown (UNDP Administrator), Kofi Annan (UN Secretary-General - by video), Elena Martinez (UNDP Assistant Administrator), and Dante Caputo, (Director of the Project on Democratic Development in Latin America). Reuters filed a story right after the event and the Associated Press offers a photo of Toledo with Brown.

Doe Run, cont: Reuters reports that La Oroya Mayor Clemente Quincho Panez, "We'll go on strike and make a 'march of sacrifice' to Lima if the government does not approve Doe Run's request to extend the PAMA in a month." At stake is when the mining company can comply: by 2007 (what the government wants) or by 2011 (what Doe Run is suggesting.) "The plant is a major source of employment and locals fear that if the PAMA extension is not granted, Doe Run could leave." See 'Doe Run Responds' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Paisanos in Alaska: Alaska's Anchorage Daily News reports ostensibly on Peruvian cuisine but encompasses the Peruvian population at large in that northern clime. "Some 278 Peruvians live in Alaska." Cusquena Vilma Gibaja and the "four generations of Peruvians" about her are profiled but it also includes anticuchos, empanadas, milanesa, chimichurri and Papa a la Huancaina. Also available in Alaska: Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

Peru is #6! Reuters relates that Peru is now the sixth largest gold producer, according to a survey released by Gold Field Mineral Services. It was previously ranked No. 7. Quotes come from Carlos Galvez, of the private National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy. Peru produced 172 tonnes of gold in 2003, 15 tonnes more than in 2003, "thus leapfrogging Indonesia in the world ranking."

More Mining:
- Reuters reports that Yanacocha "boosted first-quarter production by 26 percent to 803,000 ounces compared with the same quarter last year," according to Carlos Santa Cruz (Newmont Mining). The mine accounts for virtually half Peru's gold production."
- Dow Jones is reporting that Newmont is "looking at buying IFC's stake in Yanacocha.
- BNAmericas, Dow Jones, and Reuters report that Southern Peru Copper Corp. reported 2004 first-quarter net profit of $86.8 million compared with $18.3 million in the same period last year.
- Reuters reports that Monterrico Metals' Rio Blanco copper project "could start production in 2007 and produce an average of at least 200,000 tonnes a year in the first five years," according to Monterrico's Chief Operating Officer Ray Angus. But "a 3 percent royalty payment on mining operations in Peru 'would kill the project.' "

Macro/Micro Econ:
- BNAmericas reports that "the number of applications for mineral exploration concessions in Peru plummeted 70.9% in March."
- BNamericas reports that "Edelnor plans to issue 10-year bonds, worth about US$5.77 million."

Toledo's Troubles, cont: The Miami Herald re-runs an opinion piece by La República investigative reporter Angel Páez, a skeptical review of the Toledo administration. See 'Toledo's Troubles' in April 13's Peruvia.

SMulanovich & Quarterfinals Postponed: Australia's Advertiser and ABC report that Sofia Mulanovich and her competition "were forced to wait today as the quarter-finals of the women's surfing World Championship Tour event here were postponed for a day." The 0.5m surf at Cloudbreak was considered "below par for the world richest women's event." See 'Sofia in Quarterfinals' in yesterday's Peruvia.

Cienciano Victor: The Associated Press reports that Cienciano beat Independiente (Argentina) 3-2 Tuesday in the Copa Libertadores. "Cienciano won the match on a penalty kick by Carlos Lugo in the 82nd minute." The Associated Press offers several photos of the match.

LHorna Praised: The Bermudan Royal Gazette profiles (almost giddily) "Number one seed Luis Horna [who] set out his stall on the XL Open's second night with a powerful display of South American 'dirt-balling.' The intimidating shaven-headed Peruvian put in a performance ... rarely leaving the baseline but happily grinding his opponent down with near-perfect length groundstrokes." He defeated Frenchman Sebastian De Chaunac 6-2, 6-2.


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Vladi: "I Am Guilty": Reuters reports that VMontesinos "admitted guilt in court" yesterday, in a trial on corruption and embezzlement charges over alleged bribery of media barons. Said Vladi: "Having admitted responsibility in the matters that are the subject of the trial ... I am not going to make comments to the bench or to prosecutors." Until now, he had only spoken in court once before.

Sendero Suggests Strikes, cont: The Associated Press has a screen-shot of "ski-masked rebel leader 'Artemio'," during his interview on Sunday's television program Cuarto Poder. The Miami Herald runs yesterday's Associated Press article on the story.

Coca Rises: Reuters reports "some 10,000 coca growers are expected to march to Lima, arriving on April 26," organized by CONPACCP (Confederación Nacional de Productores Agropecuarios de las Cuencas Cocaleras del Perú). The piece presents different numbers, first by Nancy Obregon, deputy secretary of the coca growers' group, and then by Nils Ericsson, head of DEVIDA, the state anti-drug agency. For more detail: see 'Coca Rises' in February 12's Peruvia.

Protecting the Motherland, cont:The BBC Monitoring Service reports that Peru signed a deal with Russia for upgrade of military aircraft that includes five Mi-35 armoured helicopters "to be used in the fight against subversives." (See 'Protecting the Motherland' in April 15 below.)

Sofia in Quarterfinals: Surfer Sofia Mulanovich is in the Roxy Pro competition in Tavarua Island, Fiji, and has advanced to the quarterfinals. Australia's Courier-Mail offers her "contentious opinion" about who ranks as better surfers in the competition. Reuters offers a photograph of her riding the wave. Sportal has all the rankings of the event.

Rodrigues' Rifles: The East African Standard reports on shady weapons deals in Rwanda and Congo and states that "documents revealed how a Peruvian, Antonio Rodrigues was at the centre of arms shipment from South Africa, aimed at equipping FERA. In the arrangement, the arms were to be channeled through the NRA."

AToledo's Falling Numbers, cont: The Associated Press offers a photo of "Union workers shout during a protest against the government as police guard, in front of the Justice Ministry." The photo is pegged to yesterday's new poll swhich shows Toledo's popularity dropping to 8.0% in April.

Taxing Mining: Bloomberg reviews the new tax policies that Peru and Chile may impose on mining companies. These two countries make up more than a third of the world's copper. "Both countries are considering a levy of as much as 3 percent on copper production as the price of the metal surged to an eight-year high last month." Peruvian Congressman Alejandro Ore states, "There won't be anything for our children and grandchildren when this runs out.'' Also cited: Energy and Minining Minister Jaime Quijandria.

Doe Run Responds: Mine Web gets an exclusive interview with Doe Run CEO Jeffrey Zelms who says he believes that his company will get an extension to meet a government-mandated environmental plan to combat pollution. The article includes recent public relations efforts by Doe Run in Peru and has Zelms offering paeans to the Ministry of Energy and Mining: "They do a yeoman's job with trying to communicate with all parties" with respect to the PAMA. For more: see 'Macro/Micro Econ' in April 16 below; and 'Doe Run Denied' in April 15.

More Mining:
- Minas Buenaventura is offering a First Quarter 2004 Conference Call next Monday, April 26.
- BNAmericas reports that the Energy and Mining Ministry will hold a public meeting in Jaen on April 23 on mining in Cajamarca. A separate BNAmericas piece says that a public meeting on Las Bambas copper-gold project is set for April 21.
- Cleveland-Cliffs put out a press release that announced Clifford T. Smith has been named vice president and general manager of Cliffs Michigan Mining Company. Smith was mine manager at Southern Peru Copper Corporation's Cuajone mine.

Macro/Micro Econ:
- Reuters reports that Calpers, (the California Public Employees' Retirement System), the largest U.S. pension fund, voted to add Peru to the list of emerging markets in which it invests, "citing progress by those markets." (Earlier: see 'Macro/Micro Econ' in February 12's Peruvia.)
- Dow Jones reports that the sol "weakened slightly Monday when the Central Reserve Bank of Peru intervened in the market, buying $10 million."
- BNAmericas reports that Banco Financiero is "seeking to increase its client base of individual accounts as well as those of small and medium-sized enterprises through the purchase of other institutions' client bases," according to general manager Ramón Larrea.
- Dow Jones reports that Telefonica still has not asked government approval for a venture with BellSouth.
- Dow Jones reports that Finance Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said "Peru's gross domestic product should end the year with an expansion of more than 4.0%," according to an interview with CPN radio. Monthly growth rates by the end of the year should surpass 6.0%.

Orchard Saga, cont: Florida's Herald Tribune publishes an opinion column that begins: "It was news to me that taking a flower from Peru to the United States without a permit was such a serious crime." The piece is a flaccid defense of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and its staff who were accomplices to James Michael Kovach "who bought an orchid at a roadside stand in Peru, recognized its potential, took it on a flight to Florida and brought it straight to" the Garden. The real worry in Peru seems to have been that one flower's removal could soon make it become anything but rare." See 'Orchard Saga, Denied?' in January 17's Peruvia.

DeSoto Praise, cont: In a Town Hall opinion piece, former USA Vice-Presidenial candidate Jack Kemp states that "Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto and Empower America are working together to assist the Egyptian government ... and we hope that Egypt can serve as a platform and a model from which similar reforms can spread throughout the Arab and Muslim world."

Re-Runs: The Washington Times runs several stories with reference to Peru including a United Press International piece on "a climate model that can predict El Niño events with a lead time of two years." This Associated Press piece on trash at Nazca has run several times over the last year. (See for example, 'Trash and Tourists in Nazca' in February 1's Peruvia.) And this Associated Press piece on "Kdrink iced tea and Vortex energy drink" ran on April 11 below (see 'Have Some New Coke!')


Monday, April 19, 2004

Sendero Suggests Strikes: The Associated Press, the BBC, Dow Jones, and Reuters all report on Shining Path leader 'Artemio's' announcement yesterday that the armed struggle was "regrettably beginning again." The interviews were given to RPP radio and America Television's Cuarto Poder "from his jungle hideout in central Peru" in which he declared that he was "giving the government 60 days to come up with a response in the search for a political solution." (An early Reuters story was filed first, right after the RPP interview.) The articles suggests that a similar ultimatum was issued to the UK's Channel 4 on Januray 7 and "received no response." Reuters has Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi declaring that the government "would respond 'drastically and swiftly.' " Among the major American dailies, only the late-to-press Los Angeles Times catches this late breaking story. (See these links in Spanish: a summary of the RPP interview; this contemporary report to the Channel 4 piece; and this March 27 El Comercio story.

AToledo's Falling Numbers: Bloomberg and Dow Jones reports on a new poll by Apoyo Opinion y Mercado which shows AToledo's approval rate "fell to 8 percent after a slight rise in February when Toledo changed his cabinet." Dow Jones adds that Alan Garcia leads the candidate for the 2006 elections, with 26% support. Dow Jones can't resist a dig by adding, "Following Garcia, whose first term ended in 1990 with hyperinflation and a general economic collapse, comes Valentin Paniagua, with 23%." Bloomberg reminds that the president said last month "his low approval rating is the outcome of his lack of experience as president." Apoyo polling director Alfredo Torres explained some details of the new survey in yesterday's El Comercio.

War of the Pacific, cont: The BBC Monitoring Service reports that Bolivian Ambassador to Peru, Eloy Avila Alberdi, says size of Bolivia's recent Pemex deal "makes Peru the favourite for gas exports."

Juche In Peru: The Korean Central News Agency reports on a "national seminar on the Juche idea" held at National University of Callao in Peru on April 7. The chairman of the Peruvian National Association for the Juche Idea, Wilfred Saens Vigo, "made a congratulatory speech, which was followed by speeches of Guillermo Alcazar Ribera, chairman of the Peruvian Group for the Study of Kimilsungism, Tani Baler Lopera, chairman of the Peruvian Committee for Supporting the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea." The expected praise was made to North Korean President Kim Il Sung who "maintained the Juche-oriented stand against dogmatism and flunkeyism in his lifetime and built the most powerful socialist system and that the 20th century was really the century of independence, the century of Kim Il Sung."

Peru is Less Web Savvy: Reuters reviews a survey on the Web-savviest nations in the world carried out by International Business Machines and The Economist ,which noted that Peru, #47, fell several places. However, "It is not a case of decline, but rather of stagnation or slow development compared with more aggressive e-leaders."

Buy Your Bamba, cont: The BBC plays catch-up with an article entitled, "Pirated Passion DVDs flood Peru." Even the quotes from Martin Moscoso, head of copyright protection at Indecopi seem taken from an earlier Associated Press report. See 'Buy Your Bamba Here' in April 13's Peruvia. (For good measure, the Miami Herald, among others, re-runs the AP story today.)


Sunday, April 18, 2004

AToledo Visits Colombia, cont: The Associated Press and Dow Jones report that AToledo's luncheon with President Uribe aboard the Colombian navy's flagship was cancelled. "Toledo was scheduled to dine aboard the three-masted Gloria, docked in Cartagena, with military commanders to explore increased cooperation in the war on drugs, but instead had a private lunch with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe in a colonial palace." Today's print Miami Herald runs an edited version of the AP story. Today's print Los Angeles Times runs yesterday's Associated Press piece on the story. Reuters offers new photos of the presidential visit.

Montesinos & Panama: Reuters reports that Panama's Supreme Court has agreed to a request from Peru's government "to probe the origin of money Montesinos deposited in Panama." The last three such requests from Peru were denied "on the grounds that documents were not filed correctly." Said an anonymous Court official, "What we're trying to do is determine ... if the money was taken from Peru's government or if it came from drug trafficking."

Literati: The Washington Post announces that award-winning Peruvian poet Antonio Cisneros will present "a bilingual reading of his work at the Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center in Washington DC on Thursday at 12:30. Washington Post Book World Editor (and paisana) Marie Arana, "will serve as translator for both the reading and the discussion that follows." Also at the IDB's Cultural Center: 'Tradition and Entrepreneurship: Popular Arts and Crafts fron Peru,' until April 30. The Associated Press includes a photograph of Alfredo Bryce Echenique in Bogota at the XVII International Book Fair. Archive: Listen to a 1994 interview with Bryce on CUNY-TV.

LHorna Not In Finals: Reuters reports on the loss by Luis Horna to Andy Roddick 6-3, 6-4 in the semifinals of the U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships in Houston on Saturday. "The seventh seeded Peruvian had defeated Roddick the last time they met in 2001, but could not keep pace with the American on this occasion." (See 'LHorna in SemiFinals' in yesterday's Peruvia for more details.)

Mudslides in MPicchu, cont: The Los Angeles Times' Travel section uses a Bloomberg piece to report that "Tourists began returning to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu after mudslides plowed through the nearby town of Aguas Calientes and buried a rail line leading to Peru's most popular tourist site."

De Soto's Praise, cont: The Independent releases TIME magazine's list of Top 100 people and, included in the 'Scientists and Thinkers,' is Hernando de Soto. De Soto also gets a partner-in-arms from Robert Guests' The Shackled Continent: Africa's Past, Present and Future as described in this book review in the Guardian. The author "recognises the crucial importance of the informal economy in Africa and supports the theories of the Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto which say that dwellers in shanty towns need to acquire property rights to give them a foothold on the capitalist system."

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