Sunday, May 16, 2004

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ESchutz Accuses AToledo: The Associated Press: " reports on an article in "the respected newspaper Peru21" which declares that "a special Peruvian government investigator [Luis Vargas Valdivia] said authorities should look into accusations" by Ernesto Schutz, the former owner of Panamericana Television, that "President Alejandro Toledo tried to blackmail him in late 2001." (In Spanish: See Peru21 articles on Thursday and two from Friday.) Prosecutor Vargas Valdivia "warned that Schutz's accusation is questionable," but worth investigating. Details: Schutz claims that on September 30, 2001, Toledo "offered to withhold an incriminating video of the television station owner if he sold his channel to the president's allies." Manuel Delgado Parker "said he also was at the meeting, but that Toledo only discussed a national address to be aired that evening." Schuzt fled to Argentina the following day after a vladivideo surfaced which had him receiving US$10 million.

De Soto in African Politics: South Africa's Business Report reports on Hernando de Soto's entry into that country's politics as he arrives with his "message of benevolent capitalism" there in two weeks. "De Soto is both a champion of capitalism and a vociferous advocate of the rights of impoverished communities" who "lays the foundations for his exhortations that poor people must use their existing property - chickens, rickshaws, scooters, huts, cows - to take out loans and expand their businesses." The article suggests that De Soto appears to have already "chosen sides" in politics there and ends saying "De Soto is bound to ruffle some feathers in leafy suburbs."

Free Trade? cont.: The White House has issued a "Proclamation by the President" declaring this next week, World Trade Week. ""Since 2001, we have entered into free trade agreements with Chile and Singapore and concluded negotiations with Australia, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, and five countries in Central America. Free trade agreement negotiations with Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Bahrain, Thailand, and five member countries of the Southern African Customs Union are in progress or about to begin. We are also working with our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas that will form the world's largest common market."

Peruvians & Education: New Jersey's Star-Ledger reports School #18 in Pateron, headlining "Poor and segregated, yes, but dignity propels School 18." The article states that the school has "a heavy Peruvian population surrounding [it]." Said a teacher in the school, "I can only speak for my neighborhood, but the Peruvians are very geared to education, very family-oriented. When I had an incident with a child last week, there were seven people from the family in here. That all makes a big difference."

Macro Econ:
- BNAmericas reports that "Peru's steel and non-ferrous metal exports soared 59.8% to US$28 million.
- BNAmericas reports that the Peru/Germany fund is to provide 130,000 soles (US$37,000) to finance an integrated solid waste study in Piura.
- BNAmericas reports that AToledo was scheduled to open 15 new or renovated traffic bridges on the highway between Abancay and Cuzco.

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